Explore the career journeys of iX's successful alumni.

iX has thousands of alumni, making waves in their careers. Explore some of their stories below.

Juan Bátiz

Landed a job at CIBC Capital

"Never have I felt more prepared to make financial models, create a pitch and enter an interview room because of the strong understanding of investments I developed during this class."

Omair Reza Laskar

Landed a job at UNICEF

"My time in iXperience greatly improved my knowledge of not only Investment Banking but also helped me hone important soft skills needed for any career field. I believe that iXperience is a great way to boost one's professional skills and learn a great deal about a certain industry in a short window of time."

Enrico Pradines

iX Alum from Yale University

"I had a great experience with iX. The content taught was exactly what I was looking for, and they did a fantastic job of teaching finance from scratch but also not dwindling on the basics for too long. The internship was also super engaging and helped to solidify everything I had learned. 10/10."

Jonathan Tolchinsky

Landed a job at Goldman Sachs

"I really enjoyed the program -- the course aspect taught me material that has helped me both in my internship and in recent banking interviews I've had. Without the class I would not have been as successful in my recent interviews. The internship aspect was also very exciting as I got to gain experience working for a financial institution, something that I hope to be doing more of later in life."

William Mandelbaum

iX Alum from Princeton University

"iX is a great opportunity to accelerate your education in a field of interest. You will learn an incredible amount, and the information you learn is not just "classroom" learning, but it feels like it was super applicable to real-world jobs and constant career advice."

Antonio Machioni

Landed a job at Bain & Company

"iXperience was one of the best programs I have participated in. It allowed me to explore an area that I am interested in while putting the skills learned in practice. I learned skills that I could have never learned in a classroom."

David Hirschhorn

Landed a job at J.P. Morgan

"iX  is an intensive but incredibly valuable eight-week hybrid course and internship experience. You can learn and immerse yourself in your coursework and your internship which will offer your practical real-world skills and experience that you cannot find elsewhere."

Charles Ndlovu

Landed a job at Jefferies

"The program was by design meant to be challenging; not so much as to discourage people from finance but however to equip them with the skills that professional financial analysts have. In my entire academic career, this is the first program that actually teaches you the necessary knowledge and equips you with the actual hard skills necessary for you to not only survive but thrive within the investment Finance workspace."

Bhaanvee Anthraper

iX Alum from UCLA

"I came out of this knowing so much more. This experience will always be close to me because it is my first one. I also learned how to research and put in the work during my course."

Emily Lin

iX Alum from NYU

"I feel like my internship has inspired me to learn a lot. I really enjoyed the researching that I was able to do at Caleo Capital and I think they provided great feedback and direction to us. I definitely feel like I've gotten better understanding of the industry through taking this course and Wesley has offered professional advice that has been super helpful."

Frederick Fang

iX Alum from Emory University

"iXperience has helped me strengthen my understanding of the finance world. The content was not only informative, but also relatable to the situations in our everyday lives. The teachers and TAs were amazing and made sure to provide a helping hand when needed."

Jacob Moody

iX Alum from University of Southern California

"iXperience was a wonderful experience. I gained tons of insight and knowledge in the finance sector allowing me to be confident in my ability to perform in any finance roles I'll have in the future. The class and internship blend was wonderful for both learning and applying knowledge while also bolstering my resume to boot."

Victor Tate Li

iX Alum from NYU

"iXperience is an incredible program if you are interested in advancing your own curiosities or ambitions. Their extremely supportive teachers and TAs assist you in any questions or concerns you have at almost any time of the day. The internship also gives you a great hands-on experience to begin your career in your field of interest."

Mark Ashmore

Landed a job at PIMCO

"iX is a great program for individuals looking to delve deep into the finance world. You will learn the essential language and fundamental concepts regarding investment finance and gain solid experience working with these concepts."

Jacob Oscherwitz

Landed a job at Raintree Partners Capital

"As someone who didn't know how to enter into finance and find a place to start learning, Tarryn helped assuage all of those worries with her in depth explanations, passion for the subject, and thorough walkthroughs of complex examples."

Hector Leon

iX Alum from Hult International

"iXperience for me was great program not just because of what it offers, but how it is structured. I feel that Investment Banking is something very important in the world we live in today."

Sai Muvvala

iX Alum from UCL

"iXperience is a perfect opportunity to allow students to gain a real edge in their career. By being part of the course and an internship, you're equipped with the technical skills required in work as well as gaining actual work experience as part of your internship, and so when you when apply to graduate roles after university, employers already know you have that value-added to your skillset. iX provided me with a vast range of skills, ranging from Microsoft Excel to understanding stock picking. Furthermore, the use of multiple online platforms really ensured students were engaged in their course despite taking place remotely."

Griffin Ozaki

iX Alum from WashU

"iXperience is a great use of time for students looking to grow their knowledge and skills or gain experience on topics that they are not exposed to at their university. If the program is affordable for you, it is worth the investment. However, I urge you to use all your effort and resources to be placed in the best internship available and to try to acquire additional responsibilities to increase your workload and opportunity for growth."

Graham Drake Miller Jr.

iX Alum from UVA

"The iXperience Investment Banking Program was an excellent introduction into the financial services industry. The coursework not only allowed me to foster skills that translated to my internship at Investec but also prepared me for the investment banking internship application process in the coming months."