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October 2, 2017

Internship Reflection – 5 Reasons Why Work at Generation Schools

Written by

Rohit Jethwani

I am extremely passionate about education as I believe it is the root solution to most world problems. I love the Montessori education philosophy and what Jevron, Generation Schools CEO, said about it: “It’s about understanding the information, not learning it.”

I loved how our projects were designed on a weekly basis. We were told what to do but not how to do it, giving us autonomy and freedom of creativity to explore multiple ways of completing a project. Moreover, timing were extremely flexible – We just had to ensure the works gets done. This was a great mentality as we were not micromanaged and kept accountable through a weekly presentation of our work.

The culture at Generation Schools, set in an unconventional corporate style, was relaxed and we had the freedom of picking our work style. I interned at a startup and got the oppertunity to work on high level ideas that entailed a lot of problem solving. Every morning we played a game of archery and the loser would buy the office coffee. The lounge and kitchen area was my favorite place to work with a comfortable environment to socialize while eating and cooking with others.

It was amazing to see the trust from the team, by giving us full access to all resources we needed. The managers trusted our numbers on the uniform and budget data making us accountable with our work and ensuring we pay close attention to detail. I felt important and like I was making a difference in the organization.

The CEO, Jevron was extremely driven and thinks like no other. He’s always on the go and sometimes hard to get hold of, but it was extremely inspiring to observe his ways. I spent most of my time with the Finacial Manager, Nic, who was super helpful. He really took the time to explain basic concepts and mentor us and knew how to manage our expectations well. Not to mention how open he was to new ideas. What a great manager!

Generation Schools has over 100 staff and over 500 students enrolled at the schools. It was a fantastic experience to interact with the teachers that had multiple perspectives on the education philosophy and learning what the students were interested in doing. We were located on the same floor as 5 other companies, including Trematon and Aria, giving us the opportunity to network with multiple Directors, CEOs, managers and staff. I got to make some great connections and potential future opportunities. 

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