Alumni stories.

Meet Jack Bodell
from UNC-Chapel Hill.

Attended iX Summer 2022.
Management Consulting Alum Lisbon.


Business-minded learner.

Adventurous leap-taker.

Worldly experience.

What impact has the program had on you?

I had a general view of what Management Consulting is, but being at iX has really narrowed it down - especially by hearing it from industry professionals.It’s something you can’t beat. I needed a more business-oriented internship for applications after graduating, and iX popped up - it’s literally perfect.

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What's a day in your life like in Lisbon?

It’s been a blast. Lisbon is a really nice city to walk around and explore, and there’s always so much to do. For those thinking about making that jump, this experience is life-changing. Travel is an essential thing to have.

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Favorite moments from Jack's trip.

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